Message from Management

After fifty years of experience in the field of timber processing and trade, it felt appropriate to produce an additional means of communication in order to present our company, “Karipidis Pallets”, and also to highlight important industry issues.

The wooden pallet, displaying a great variety of applications, has evolved considerably over the years mainly through the cooperation between manufacturers and end-customers. In this connection, along with a first introduction of our services and operations, this binder includes additional background information, which is necessary to support the product we offer.

Over the previous decade our company has achieved significant economic growth, which has been rendered possible mainly through the recognition of one critical need: this for on-going, constant development, pointing to further expertize advances and also targeting increased levels of managerial and administrative efficiency.

Having already met a number of objectives, such as the complete upgrade of our infrastructures, the maximization of our production capacity and the unhindered access to necessary raw material resources, Karipidis Pallets safeguards the delivery of top-notch products exported and secures the prospect of its high-end services rendered.

Theodoros Karipidis, Managing Director