Company Profile

Continuing the family’s fifty-year involvement in timber processing, Theodore and Irene Karipidis founded “Karipidis Pallets” in 2001 in Naousa, Greece. The company is engaged in the production and supply of wooden pallets and related packaging material, all having a wide range of application and use. After twelve years of operation and significant business growth, the company, a registered member of the US.NWPCA, is currently ranked as the sectoral market leader in Greece. Karipidis Pallets is the Greek market leader in pallet production, covering a large part of domestic demand. Our clientele includes well established firms consisting mainly of the major Greek exporters. The company’s substantial increase in market share over the past few years has been achieved primarily due to management’s commitment in offering tailor-made products and also by securing supply contracts and logging concessions in regard of raw material availability (logs and sawn timber).


Karipidis Pallets operates a complex plant for pallet manufacture and timber processing, located in Aggelochori, in the Imathia prefecture of Central Macedonia, Greece.

The facility lies on a 44,000 m2 site and includes 6,000 m2 of building infrastructures, where four modern pallet production lines are hosted, consisting of fully automated units. Maximum capacity amounts to 2,000,000 standard pallets per annum with utilization exceeding 60%. Additional equipment includes dryers and extra expert sawmill units. Distribution of exported products takes place by the company’s privately owned fleet of ten in total heavy-load transport trucks and trailers.

Notably, it has to be stressed that Karipidis Pallets has already completed a tree year investment plan (2009-2012), capital expenditures reaching a total of 6,000,000 €, resulting to a full upgrade of its facility and means of productions.