Our product-range includes more than 250 codes for wooden pallets and related packaging material, many of which are tailored-designed and custom-built to order after consulting with our clients as per their special logistic needs.

In addition, a wide range of sawn timber beams are offered, which according to specific specifications is forwarded to a variety of end uses.

Furthermore, Karipidis Pallets is in position to supply able volume of biomass bio-fuel pellets and briquettes, servicing demand in this kind of renewable energy resources.

Some overall examples include the following categories by product type:
Wooden Packaging Material

New Pallets

New wooden pallets produced at our facilities, either single or multiple-use, open or closed, two-way or four-way, reversible or not, optionally with extending platform or tailor-made in accordance with our clients’ set of specifications. In retrospect, one can find a truly wide range of pallets, their dimensions varying from small (eg 700×920 cm) or larger (eg 2160×7350 cm).

Used Pallets

Recycled, inspected and serviced items, consisting mainly of Europallets (EURO-pallet/EPAL), which after thorough testing and associated repair work comprise the existing pool of used pallets maintained at our facilities.

Composite Structures - Boxes

Similar to the production of wooden pallets, we offer on demand a variety of structures and complex packaging media, such as specialized types of boxes, crates, soles and other kinds of commonly used logistic material.

Processed Lumber

Sawn Timber Beams

Wooden beams, cut to specific custom sizes (length, width, type of section etc), made of either softwood or hardwood, which can be heat treated after sawing.


Timber classed either as hardwood or softwood, harvested exclusively from renewable resources, chopped in regular sizes, gathered, stacked and used for fuel.



Wooden Pellets are types of wood fuel, generally made from compacted sawdust. Pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low humidity content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with very high combustion efficiency of about 5 kWh per kg. It has to be mentioned that 1kg of pellets is roughly the equivalent to 0.47 lt of diesel. Regular geometry and small size allow easy feeding, compact storage and rational transport cost over long distance. Karipidis Pallets offers pellets of Austrian, Czech or Montenegrin origin.


  • Diameterς: 6mm
  • Length: 1-3 cm
  • Moisture Content: < 7%
  • Ash Content: < 0.9%
  • Density: 650 kg/m3
  • Calorific Value: 4,250-4,500 kcal/kg


Wooden Briquettes are made of dry untreated wood chips processed under high pressure without using any binder. Briquettes have substantially higher BTU value per cubic meter due to their density while also their low moisture content (about 7%) leads to energy content of around 5 kWh per kg, which is equivalent to 0.45 lt of diesel.

* Stated product specifications are indicative only and may vary in the case of end products