Tailor Made Concept

Modern concepts for operating the current logistic centres throughout the world highlight the importance of increased functionality in selecting the appropriate types of packaging means to eliminate lay time and increase response efficiency. Wooden pallets, being universally used for storage and transport, have over the years undergone a series of design improvements so as to bring in a further improving fit for logistic facilities. Nonetheless, it is remarkable how much time and money can actually be saved through the application of smart packaging means, designed to match each case’s idiosyncrasies.

Recognizing the importance of custom built pallets, we remain available to end users by offering valuable advisory services that lead to specific primary designs of specialized products. In perspective, a specialized design department was established within the firm in 2003. Moreover, in terms of raw material availability, management secured access to resources of ultra-long timber beams, necessary for the production of large pallet items.

  • As a result...

    …we have assisted numerous clients as per selecting the ideal match for their operations, while indeed in several cases our joined efforts led to the creation of brand new types of pallets.