Dedicated Design Department

Our design department operations promote and require extensive interaction with each client and bring out finished products that comply with the stringent, highest set of standards. Each pallet is designed by special “PDS” software and as a process it often consists of the following stages:

Data Input

Where the desired specifications and all key parameters are being inserted in the program. At this point, a detailed description of the product takes place: eg selection of pallet type, dimensions, type of wood, nails etc, and a three-dimensional, virtual model is being reproduced.


Each pallet design is a dynamic model of five variables: weight ratios, stiffness, durability, functionality and cost. In collaboration with our clients, depending on each case’s requirements, a series of alternative solutions are being offered by the simulator. Conclusions drawn include detailed information on the future product, ranging from mechanical strength calculation to life span estimates according to set conditions of use.

Prototype Manufacture & Testing

The final phase before officially introducing a new design is the construction of a prototype according to the theoretical model previously rendered and selected. The prototype is being examined in a wide range of tests, to name a few: (a) static compression and bending tests (to estimate stiffness, strength and safe working loads) and (b) dynamic tests (to estimate life span, physical durability and functionality for specific handling and shipping environments).